Are you sure your air conditioner unit is level?

Do you know it is important to level the air conditioner?

First, every motor requires oil to operate smoothly, some parts or even one side of the compressor wouldn’t be lubricated if the unit is not leveled. This will cause the compressor overheat and decrease its efficiency. Therefore , a leveled air conditioner can keep the oil moving. Second, the water should drain through the drain line but uneven unit affects the drain pan. The humidity not only fastening the growth of mold but also the rusting, which will lead to the coil damage. In addition, the rate of vibration when its operating will increase. The components of the unit will get loosen over time. All of the above problems will reduce the air conditioner’s efficiency and service life and it might be costly to repair.

Don’t wait and go check your air conditioner to see if it’s leveled.

POSTED BY Marxair Sales | Jan, 21, 2021 |

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