There are different types of heating equipment to maintain the temperature of our house or rooms, such as space heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, and cenral heating systems. Room size, cost and its efficiency are the considerable factors for most of the user in choosing the heating equipment. However, each of them has different potential risks that affect the house or people safety.

For space heaters, they use less energy than the others, which is good for heating up the small area; and they have the issues of circuit overload and burns that might cause a fire at the end. Fireplaces are good in decorating the house, but the burning temperature can be high with hot flying embers which can cause a fire. Other than that, chimneys require cleaning and maintaining to prevent dust, dirt and toxic gas remain in the house. Furthermore, natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning might occur for the use of furnaces, which are difficult to be discovered. Lastly, using the central heating systems will create dry atmosphere that allow a fire to occur.

To prevent accidents caused by the heating equipment, users should remove the nearby flammable objects, place a humidifier, install carbon monoxide detectors, and most importantly is to schedule a check up for the equipment at least once a year.

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